Notice to our clients

### GUESTS ADMISSION POLICIES * Temperature control, the maximum allowed to enter the facilities is 37.7º C. * Hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel that you will have available at the entrance * Maintain a physical safety distance of 2 meters in all areas of the hotel * Wear mouth covers at all times, if you do not have one, one will be provided at the entrance of the hotel. * Exclusive area for baggage sanitation before arrival


  • Check in time 04:00 pm and check out 11.00 am to give a sufficient margin and ensure fully sanitized rooms.
  • Customer survey to identify possible suspected COVID-19 cases
  • Bracelets will be placed by the host himself to avoid contact
  • Screens as protection barriers between the receptionist and the client
  • Mat for disinfecting shoes
  • Physical signs that must be respected
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for hand disinfection
  • Posters of preventive measures and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Constant sanitation in the reception area with certified virucidal products


  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers
  • Poster with limited capacity inside
  • Mandatory use of mouth covers
  • Visible footprints for physical distancing
  • Priority for the use of the elevator for pregnant and elderly people


  • Pool capacity will be monitored
  • Social distance between lounge chairs is 2 meters
  • Do not move furniture
  • Pool furniture sanitation
  • Sanitized beach towels with certified products and temperatures above 60º C.
  • Pool with constant monitoring of pH levels within legal limits and international guidelines.


  • If you have any symptoms during your stay, report them immediately to the hotel reception to advise you on the protocols to follow, our staff is trained to detect any suspicious case and act quickly to avoid possible subsequent infections. You will be provided with a protective equipment, and medical assistance with charge if this is necessary or the transfer to a specialized clinic for your care.


  • Training of staff on COVID-19 in rooms for disinfection The room has hydroalcoholic and sanitizing gel, a television channel with preventive measures for mouth covers, hand washing and physical distancing.
  • Room cleaning using approved chemical products during the client’s stay and upon departure, once the room is sanitized 3 hours later it can be accommodated again.
  • The used whites previously washed and disinfected at a temperature higher than 60 o C.


  • Hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel that you will have available at the entrance
  • Maintain a physical safety distance of 2 meters
  • Limited capacity
  • Personnel with protective equipment
  • Only clients staying overnight in the same room can sit at the same table.
  • Disposable menus, which will be changed with each change of client
  • Disinfection of cutlery and slab by authorized virus sanitizers


  • Training of health measures personnel, and detection of COVID-19
  • Sanitary filter upon entering the hotel with temperature and health control.
  • The personnel with personal protective equipment PPE covers mouths, gloves and a mask during their work day.
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